Metro Cable Corporate Identity

Today our planet is populated by 800 million cars. The forecasts predicts between 2-4 Billion Cars by 2050. One hundred years ago, two out of ten people lived in urban areas. Today more than half of the human population lives in cities, by 2050 this number will go up to seven out of ten people. Worldwide 60 million people move to urban areas every year. All these factores get even more dynamic by the worldwide population growth from today seven Billion to about ten Billion by 2050.

All this will make todays existing transporting systems indefensible for the future.

The idea is to bring cable cars that are used in ski resorts today to cities like Cape Town. It is a transporting system outside of the existing gridlock. The ground area needed is very small. A single tower needs about five square meter the pods go through the city at a height of 30 to 40 meters above the ground. The system is relatively cheap, energy efficient and the single cabins are ready to go at every point in time which makes it more flexible and individual to other systems. One metro cable line can transport about 5000 people per hour in one direction. Apart from that existing cables have shown a positive impact on the area. The bird eye view on the city reduces crime around the location of the metro cable.

Another plus for the system would be the pleasure of using it. The Monocle wrote “Turning travel into pleasure rather than a chore is what innovations and upgrades do.” The ever changing aspect of the journeys people will have in this new transporting system is defined by the weather they are travelling in. It will be a different experience using the metro cable in pouring rain than in perfect sunshine. The corporate identity of the metro cable is a reflection of this experience. The logo is changing with the weather. Giving it a different look on every travel.

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